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Very Easy

Was surprised how easy/user friendly this process was! I was given three policy options and quotes for each, plus payment options. The information was very straightforward and easy to understand. I chose the insurance that best met my needs and how I wanted to pay for it; then filled out the form and submitted. The whole process took less than 5 minutes. Thank you Assurant!

Simple, Quick, Comprehensive

Definitely the easiest insurance purchasing experience I have ever had. Based on the terms, it is also the best renters insurance available.

Excellent 5-Star Service from Assurant

I recently purchased rental insurance with Assurant, and my experience with them was wonderful in all aspects. Excellent, 5-Star service and I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Fast & Easy & Affordable way to get rental insurance

Its such an easy process to go online to Assurant's website, get quotes that are very affordable and then purchase an insurance plan for your rental and other insurance needs. Quick and easy with payment plan options too! Highly recommend!

Easy to use

When you don't feel secure and safe, go online to obtain renters insurance from Assurant and get what you need at a good price. Easy to use website, it's a very nice feeling.

Great protection

Great price for great protection. 

Happy Renter

My first time renting a place and I was kind of wary of what to expect. The process was very fast, plenty of options and affordable. Very happy with my renters insurance.

Worked out great for us!

Affordable for my family!

Fast and Easy

My experience with obtaining renters insurance through Assurant was fast and easy. It was one of the most easiest processes of moving to a new residence.

Quick process

I like how everything is so simple and straight to the point. Its my first time getting liability insurance and it was done with no hassle, good website! Thank you!

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Easy to use

Fast and simple setup.

Fast, easy and affordable

It was an easy process to get the insurance that I needed for the house I'm renting. It has everything that I needed and also affordable for the place that I am renting.

Very Easy Process

It was a very easy process. Pick your coverage, set up your payments and your done!

Renters insurance

I purchased renters insurance online. It was very easy to use the website and all details given. Product and rates are a good value.


Had to get renters insurance, I was recommend to this company. They were easy to use and priced perfectly!

Customer review

Assurant has a nice setup for new customers.


Everything was easy to set up and easy to follow i had no issues and everything was reasonably priced!

Renters insurance

Easy to purchase. Great cost. I especially love the unemployment insurance benefits.

Fast efficient service

Fast quote. Fair pricing.

I came back

I moved to a new apartment and decided to use the renter's insurance that the leasing office suggested. I signed up and received confirmation. Funds were never debited from my account and after five months I received an email from the leasing office informing me that I was in violation of my leasing agreement. I tried calling this company several times only to be put on hold for over 30 minutes. So I came back and I am happy to be back!

3 Star Reviews  

Required renters insurance

I required renters insurance with my new apartment. I started to shop around but I must say your company, site, price and easiness made my choice clear to go with you.

Didn't like

I didn't like that I had to authorize automatic debits from my account in the future.

Third time is a charm

It was confusing, one of the questions was Soc. Security #, doesn't need to be put in.

1 Star Reviews  

No timely contact

I updated my policy a week ago and I still haven't received my docs.

Didn't give me what I selected

I selected $100,000 coverage and only received $50,000.


Affordable and easy process

Website is better than actual customer service person

I called to receive a quote, both times I was misquoted. The individuals on the phone informed me that it would be 180 for rental insurance, when I told them I received a quote from the bank teller for 128 they simply said that was a mistake. I'm not sure if they work off commission but it seems as if they were trying to get one over on me. Once I looked online and filled out the information electronically, I was able to receive the quote for 128. Overall I was dissatisfied with the time I wasted talking to the two individuals on the phone.

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