5 Star Reviews

Very satisfying experience

I found my experience buying my renters policy easy, fast and worry free. I would recommend this company to all my friends and family and the prices offered were really reasonable.

Great rates

Great rates, easy processing, quick membership.

Great service

Great service at a great price!


The application process was quick and easy.


Easy signup. Reasonable rates.

Very easy

Very easy to do online.

Very simple

Easy process to apply.

Very convenient

Very easy to use, it was quick and I was able to pay it all at once. And it was inexpensive!

Excellent directions

This site provided clear instructions and confirmation was available to apartment Manager.


Easy fast and affordable rates. Better than my auto insurance quoted me for which I received a discount rate. Still did not match your rates after discount.


It's really good! I feel safe.

Easy & convenient

Best service. Very easy to setup. Convenient way to pay.

Better price and easy options

Easy and clear options to choose. Better rate. Referred my friends to go for it.


I was required by my new apartment complex to get Renters Insurance, your website made it very easy to get and pay for the insurance, affordable too. Much appreciated with an expensive move!


It was easy and exactly what I needed.

Easy, great insurance

This was the easiest insurance I have ever gotten. The website is user friendly and I would recommend it to anyone I know.

Simple Easy Convenient Service

I am very pleased with the service so far. Your company made the process so simple and convenient.

Great price for renters insurance

You get to choose how you pay when you pay and how much you want to pay.

1 and done

My current renters policy had increased, I checked into Assurant's renters policy, got greater coverage and was done in minutes. Awesome!

Fast n easy

The website was easy to use and I got a friendly reminder for payment. The payment process was easy too.


Easy to purchase.

Easy Breezy!!!

You've made the experience of purchasing insurance simple and easy to understand. Your company provided many coverage options and payment arrangements that other companies do not provide. I love the site feature that allows you to play with coverage options so that you are able to get the coverages you want/need at the price that you desire.

Fast, easy, and helpful.

Headline said enough.

Set it up in less than 5 minutes.

Easy to navigate, took me less then 5 minutes to set it up. Prices were reasonable.

Everything was great

Everything was great and its going really well

Expedient and efficient sign-up

It was very easy to purchase which took the pressure off to hunt for anything different.

Great, quick service.

All Reps I've interacted with have been friendly, professional and informative.

Great job

A step above the rest.


I love it!

Excellent customer service

I had absolutely no problems with signing up for my renter insurance. Although there were issues on my end with getting my new address correct, your employees were nice and friendly.

Quick and simple

I did everything online it was quick and simple, and hassle free!!

Easy and Affordable

Shopped online and got a policy without any resistance.

Quick and easy!!

It was so simple and quick to get renters insurance. I did it in the car on the way to pick up my keys to my new place. They even sent verification to my apartment property.


Excellent, prompt service.

Really nice

It was really nice and easy, first time ever purchasing rentals insurance the lay out was really easy to maneuver, nice job!

Smooth Transaction

Real easy to deal with.

Fast Customer Service

The website was very user friendly, and the process took just a few minutes.

Super easy

Signing up for renters insurance was as easy and painless and you always hope something like this will be!


It was an easy simple 3 step process.

Easy to use

Easy to use website, simple, and organized. I purchased renters insurance from my phone just fine.

Grant Service

Obtained policy quote quickly, accurately and received binder promptly. Can't ask for anything more.

Renter's insurance

It was very easy to follow the simple instructions to obtain renter's insurance.

Polite and efficient

I had very little time and the agent was very helpful and knowledgeable.

Great experience

Found the experience to be fast, efficient, convenient. Although I didn't check other sites prices seemed fair as well.

Wonderful Company!

It was a smooth process with a lot of wonderful benefits. Very affordable!

Quick and easy

The process clear, quick, and easy! It made it easy to get coverage and see my options.

Excellent Service

Very satisfied with this company. Fast Quick and Reliable.

Insurance made easy.

Simple and fast process!!!

Awesome Service

I went online to sign up which was quick, easy and very professional. I would recommend Assurant to anyone.

Feeling secure.

The website was helpful and easy to navigate. I'm confident I have the coverage I need. Very happy with the cost as well.

Great Experience!!

Assurant was very easy to sign up for and I'm very happy we went with them for our Apartment. I would refer them to anyone.

Great service

Fast easy and simple.

Great Prices and Easy to Use!

After comparing multiple Renter's Insurance policies I realized that this is the best price out there, and applying online makes it super easy for busy people.

Fast and simple. Couldn't be happier!

Getting insurance was very fast and so simple. Best experience!

Very Easy

Very easy and informative website.

Simple and quick!

Buying renters insurance with Assurant was simple and quick.Thank you for your help!

Assurant is AMAZING!!

I just feel so secure knowing I have your services to protect me!

Top Tier

A very easy and efficient way to secure immediate rental insurance!

Great service

So easy and affordable. Thank you for being so user friendly and for offering affordable rates.



Easy, fast, convenient online service!

We have insured our rental home through Assurant for years now. It's been a great deal, very easy to navigate getting a quote & getting insured online. The amount of payment options as far as when & how you want to pay is extremely helpful! I recommend Assurant for sure!

Easy to enroll

Affordable and easy to work with.

Great service

Easy to work with.

Renter's insurance

Super easy, fast and efficient website. Thank you

Simple and quick

Very simple and quick setup.

Fast and easy

Fastest and easiest application I've ever completed in my life. The rates are also very affordable.

Simple, Quick, Comprehensive

Definitely the easiest insurance purchasing experience I have ever had. Based on the terms, its is also the best renters insurance available.

Easy and done very quickly

I dreaded going through the process of getting renter's insurance, but this process was very easy. I got through it very quickly. I wish I could say that about other applications I've had to complete


Very smooth process signing up for the insurance!


Simple to use. Informative.


Thank you!!

Fastest quote ever

Very pleased with your easy to navigate website.



Easy, fast, and affordable

Easy, fast and affordable.

Quick and efficient

Great fast service


This process was so easy. It took only a couple of minutes to apply.

Very satisfied

I've tried many different quotes and they were all complicated. This one was easy and self explanatory.

The Best

I just love the idea that I can get business done online.

Cheapest quote I've found

Been looking around forever. Cheapest 1st payment.


Easy to apply.


Easy and convenient

Easy process

Thanks for making things easy


Easy and great

Protect Your Belongings

Peace of mind that my belongings are protected.

Very easy application

Thanks, I was looking to sign up for renters insurance.

Very affordable

Easy to obtain insurance, very affordable prices, took less than 3 minutes to complete.

Quick and easy

Fast. I like fast. No waiting on the phone. No representatives fiddling with a script.

Quick and easy

Was interested in a policy and within 5 minutes I figured out what I wanted and applied for my policy.


Although I have no experience with the insurance or claims process, the application ease and excellent pricing was amazing.


Easy to follow and make wise choices.

Easy to select a plan

Thank you for making this insurance process easy and stress free.


Easy to enroll online! Awesome!


Easy process!

Easy process

Seamless and efficient process


It was so easy and I was able to pick and choose what plan I wanted.

I loved it

It was so easy and I got my results right away.


Fast easy and convenient


Quick quote, user friendly, great rates!

Quick and Simple!

Thank you for making this process so easy! It's truly appreciated.


Have used them for 3 different apartment buildings and would recommend them to all.

Great and Easy

This is a great insurance and easy to complete.

Usable Website

Your website was very clear and easy to use. Thank you.

Usable Website

Your website was very clear and easy to use. Thank you.

Renter insurance

Excellent information on renter ins.

Happy Costumer

I was able to do everything online and it was surprisingly affordable. The whole process took less than ten minutes.

Never had a problem

Second time receiving a policy from these guys. NO ISSUES

Easy to use!

Glad I chose Assurant, very quick and easy to purchase Renter's Insurance.

Super easy and cheap

Easy to get a quote, least expensive company around!


Very helpful

Easy process

Thank you for the easy going process.


It was so easy to do, thanks.

Quick, easy, cheap

We haven't had to use our policy yet, thank goodness. This company is easy to use, set up is great, cost is very affordable, easily printed, easy to pay!

Good rates

Reasonable rates

Pretty simple

Decent price

Quick fast service

Great working with this company!



Very fast easy to fill out

This site is the best. Its fast and gets you to the right place.

Fast processing

Great online application process

Quick and easy!

Awesome - competitive prices, quick and easy!

Easy to apply

This application was completed very easily. I liked the recommendations that popped up along the way.

Too easy

Got everything I wanted in minutes!

Satisfied customer

They have made it so easy to purchase.


Easy and fast to do. Best way to protect.

Easy to get a quote and buy

Easy questions, didn't take long. I felt it was an affordable price. So easy.

They make it so easy!

Love how easy the website is to navigate. Great job.

They make it so easy!

Love how easy the website is to navigate. Great job.


Great website


Very Good

Wow! So easy it's painless.

Perfectly simple. They give you 3 options, all details are presented in a concise way & they even show which option is most popular. I wish it was this easy to set up my utilities! :D


Excellent transaction!

Extremely Convenient

Through the entire application process, which was much shorter than I anticipated, it was simple to navigate. I had applied and paid for my insurance policy in about 5 minutes.

Wow! Easy!

This was the easiest policy I have ever chosen and acquired! I suggest to everyone looking for insurance to try this! Thank you!

Really easy to request for quotation

This website is really great for you to request for property insurance and save time for you. No call, no annoying! I love it!

Nice and Easy

Very simple and great giving options

Been a customer since 2011

I've been a customer since 2011 and I've been very pleased with their product and customer service. Luckily I have not experienced any loss but Assurant gives me a peace of mind.


Great prices

Purchase review

Site was easy to use & simple.

nice and simple

Very easy to apply and find what you're looking for.

Fast and Easy

Great site to navigate, which makes getting the insurance you need a breeze. The options for customizing you're policy and their descriptions are helpful and informative.

Good stuff

Very easy to use!!

Easy Experience!

Very smooth and easy experience securing renters insurance online through Assurant's Portal!

Fast and convenient


Fast and Easy Set Up

It was very easy to set up my renters insurance and the rate was not bad at all. Would recommend to others without a doubt.


It was super easy! Thanks

Love it

Love it, easy and fast


Fast and simple.

Easy to sign up

Sign up was easy choose the plan I wanted and get prices immediately. Great offer!

So far, so good!

Application process has been astonishingly simple, rates are reasonable; I'm very optimistic!

Its so affordable

Lower than other insurance places


Great coverage


Took just 10 minutes to quote and get insurance.

Easy instructions

Overall quick and easy

Very easy


Fast and easy quote!

Reasonable prices

Extremely fast and easy to understand.

Received coverage in less then 4 minutes.

Not hard at all

Kept it simple


Easy process


The renter insurance is the cheapest I have seen.

Easy and efficient

I'm moving and I appreciate that the process is fast and easy to understand. There are many helpful features to help me understand the drop down options. I competitively shopped and I'm impressed.


Everything was quick and affordable

Quick and easy

Almost painless

Simple and Reasonable

The step by step process was easy to follow. I was able to pick exactly what coverage I was looking for without paying a large down payment or having a high monthly payment.

Assurant - Renter's Insurance

Setting up my new policy was fast and very user-friendly... none of that re-entering a full page of the same data over and over again because something didn't jive somewhere. They're affordable too!


Quick easy 123 done.


Do it


Very quick and fast and easy

Fast, Easy, Necessary!

Choosing Assurant was a great discussion! Now I feel covered.


Five star


Out of this world fantastic


Life should be safe and secure.


Coverage was same as others but the cost was better and not to many questions to fill out.

Easy as pie!!!

Web site was easy to follow and use.

Super easy

This process was fantastic! So easy to apply for coverage including notification to a third party. Well done!

Great price

Great price for coverage with no hassle to obtain renters insurance.


Easy to understand and quick


Perfect rate for my budget.

Renters insurance

Very easy to follow and also very easy to answer the questions as needed and very reasonable price



Fast and easy

Fast easy simple to understand

Insurance in under 5 minutes

Knowing very little about insurance, the process was fast and made me feel like I understood what I was agreeing to.

Easy to use

Very helpful website


Fast and easy

Easy, easy, easy!

Great service, quick response!

Quick and easy

Thank you

Short and simple

Good one

Just like that...

Such and easy and quick process!!

Smooth transaction

No hassle whatsoever.

Fast and easy

This was great and super easy to sign up

Fast and easy

Really great experience, and affordable prices

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